Elaine Clark

Consultant Children's Practitioner

Specialist Trauma & Bereavement Counsellor for Adults and Children

Safeguarding Kidz

Elaine CLark

My name is Elaine Clark and I am a specialist in Trauma & Bereavement Counselling for adults and children.

I have professional qualifications which include an MSc Diploma in Trauma and Stress Counselling, and I am expert in Art & Play Therapy techniques.

What is counselling?

Coping with problems is a bit like juggling! Everone can juggle with one ball. Most people can juggle with two. A few people can juggle with three, or even more. Whatever your juggling skils, there comes a point when, if you were tossed an extra ball, you would drop the lot. That's the type of thing that happens when we reach the end of our tether. We get one too many problems to cope with and end up being unable to cope with anything.

At various times in our lives we all have unhappy periods and these may lead to confused and overwhelming feelings. In cases like this a professionally trained counsellor may be the person to help you.

Counselling can help you to make sense of your life and resolve specific problems.

Counselling can help you with:


Including depression, disablity, eating disorders, illness, pregnancy & post natal depression and alcohol abuse.


Including emotional, physical, racial, sexual and domestic violence.


Including the loss of a child, bereavement by suicide, bereavement by murder or manslaughter. Pet bereavement.

Divorce or Separation

Including all family members.

Conflict with Others

Including mediation for conflict.

Relationships and Family

Including low self-esteem, inappropriate sexual behaviour, isolation and lonliness.

Decorative swallow

Workshops for Professionals

Safeguarding Kidz are pleased to announce that workshops on "Identifying Needs", "Answers without Questions" and our latest offering "Time is not always a healer" are available.