Elaine Clark

Consultant Children's Practitioner

Specialist Trauma & Bereavement Counsellor for Adults and Children

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Comments From Schools and Parents

Some of the people with whom I have worked have been kind enough to share their experiences of counselling. The following comments are extracted from letters sent to me, and are reproduced here with the authors' approval.

Comments From Parents

From a parent about counselling and family support:

'Around April time our daughter experienced a choking episode while at school. Although it wasn't anyone's fault, it started some big issues with her eating. We became so concerned that our last hope was to try some kind of counselling.

Elaine built up a good trusting relationship with our daughter. There was fantastic support through school holidays too. She has also offered great support to the whole family, not just our little girl.

Nearly a year later we now have our happy little girl back, eating happily and loving life again.

We genuinely feel that Elaine Clark has supported our whole family throughout our time spent with her and there should be more of this kind of support available to families.'

From a parent whose child received counselling within school:

'My son was having terrible nightmares, they were both scary for him and also for me. He had got into a position where he could not talk to anybody for fear of upsetting them due, I believe, to a major change in his family circumstances.

However from the help he has received from you, there has been a massive change in my son, his nightmares have disappeared... and he is generally happier in himself.

I would like to thank you immensely for the help and support you have given to my son.'

Comments From Children

A card made by a child

'All the time I have spent with you I have had so so so much fun and I feel I can share everything with you so thank you so so much.'

Comments From Professionals

From Kate Buckley, headteacher of Westcliffe Primary School, Scunthorpe:

'Elaine Clark has been providing an extremely valuable service for our school for well over a year. She has worked with some very challenging children and on occasion with their wider families.

The impact on children that Elaine has worked with is very evident, both from their emotional wellbeing and their engagement in learning.

Elaine also has the necessary skills (mediation) to work with parents and has done so very successfully in several instances at our school.'

From Chris Stanfield, anti-bullying co-ordinator at North Lincolnshire Council:

'I would like to thank you for the valuable service you have provided. The benefits of the sessions for this family, who were in severe crisis, were obvious.'

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